European Ayurveda Association


Feel as one heartbeat.

...  the vital vibration of Ayurveda throughout Europe. Together we are able to establish Ayurveda as a medical science within our European Healthcare system. We need YOU to make it happen: An effective Healthcare system which unites Western medicine with the ancient system of Ayurveda.

Our Goal is: Mainstreaming Ayurveda in Europe as an herbal medicine system!

EUAA is an active member of ANME - Association for Natural Medicine in Europe. ANME promotes innovative politics in the field of complementary and alternative medicine - on European, national and local level

EUAA participates in EUROCAM - a network of European CAM patients organisations, medical doctors practising CAM and trained CAM practitioners aimed at promoting the contribution of CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine - to better health in Europe.

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